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Taco Bell's Lorena Garcia Breaks Her Legendary Silence on Molecular Gastronomy

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[Photo: Taco Bell]

Lorena Garcia is many things: A Splenda spokesperson, the chef/owner of a single airport restaurant, and a consultant for Taco Bell (in which she helped the fast food chain blatantly rip off Chipotle). She is also a television personality. She was one of the judges on the disaster that was America's Next Great Restaurant on NBC and she'll be competing on the upcoming season of Top Chef Masters. In addition to all the above, she also really dislikes molecular gastronomy. In an interview with the Braiser, Garcia comes to the defense of "fresh" and "simple" food, citing oft-repeated and boring stereotypes like "things that explode in your mouth" and "food that is something that's not." Hit it Garcia:

I don’t love the type of chefs that like food that’s not realistic, [so] that you think you’re eating something that you’re not. Things that explode in your mouth, and food that is something that’s not — I’m not that kind of chef. I love to eat food that is fresh, simple, that let the ingredients speak for themselves. I’m not that type of a chef, a molecular type of a chef. I’m not [a fan of molecular gastronomy]. I’m not at all.

Garcia joins the likes of John Mariani, Alice Waters and Alton Brown to scoff at more modern cooking techniques. A very exclusive club.

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