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Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential Reissue Out This Fall

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Not satisfied with the amount of Anthony Bourdain in his bestselling 2000 memoir Kitchen Confidential? Never fear, the book is being reissued with unparalleled quantities of Bourdain this Fall: the Insider's Edition of Kitchen Confidential will be released by Ecco on October 30 (pre-order on Amazon).

The book has amped up the Bourdain levels so hard parts of it are even printed in his handwriting: the new edition adds "Anthony Bourdain's handwritten introduction and annotations on over fifty pages." The annotations will consist of meditations on Kitchen Confidential "from the distance of a decade and a radically changed food world." The book has also been redesigned such that it's "perfect for tucking in an apron pocket or a chef's whites." If you say so. Bourdainiacs, get on it.

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