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More CA Restaurants Test Foie Gras Loopholes, PETA Threatens Protests

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Photo: Hot' Kitchen

So how's California's statewide foie gras ban going? Here's the latest from the frontlines of the Golden State's Fight For Foie:

· Chef and restaurateur Sean Chaney — yes, the same Sean Chaney who's part of the lawsuit against the ban — is serving a "complimentary side of foie gras" with the Balsamic Burger at his Hermosa Beach restaurant Hot's Kitchen. No word on how that foie is prepared.

· Chaney's not the only one giving away foie for free: in Mountain View, chef Joey Elenterio gives the delicacy to customers as "a special gift from the chef to those who order Chez TJ's $130 tasting menu." (See the local ABC news video below.)

· Meanwhile, Bay Area chefs are planning an underground "duckeasy" dinner at an undisclosed location July 15. Ten foie-filled courses run diners $100 a seat. The dinner was originally planned for July 8, but organizers "got cold feet" and delayed it.

· In Los Angeles, Ludovic Lefebvre tells Fox Business that customers of his LudoBites pop-up have asked if they can bring in legally obtained foie and have him cook it for them; Lefebvre said he's willing to do it for free. That said, he adds "the three foie gras dishes he used to have on the menu made up 20% of his total revenue before the ban."

· And PETA's not having any of it: the animal rights activists released a press release threatening to protest the "Foie Gras Ban Flouters." PETA Associate Director of Campaigns Lindsay Rajt says, "You can bet that protesters will be picketing and showing footage outside their doors." Restaurants, you've been warned, it seems.

Video: Bay Area Restaurants Work Around Foie Gras Ban

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