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Here's a Bob's Burgers Choking 'Advice' Poster

Photo: Fox

Behold the choking first aid advice poster from America's favorite fake burger restaurant, Bob's Burgers. (Click to enlarge; here's the full image.) The poster is full of all kinds of helpful pointers, and even includes suggested phrases to help sooth the choking victim. You know, things like telling the victim "You're going to owe me big" and complementing pregnant chokers on their large breasts. It's pretty basic, really.

Want one? Too bad: Vulture reports Fox is handing these out at Comic Con, the annual celebration of geekdom in San Diego, California, and they're in limited supply. If do happen to be attending Comic Con, there will be a Bob's Burgers panel featuring executive producers Loren Bouchard and Jim Dauterive and a whole bunch of voice actors from the show on Friday at 4:00PM.

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