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Well Yeah Taco Bell Made Alaskan Taco Airlift Ads

Remember when Taco Bell airlifted 10,000 tacos to Bethel, Alaska after a cruel prankster convinced the town they were getting a location of the Mexican-ish chain? Taco Bell has turned the whole thing into a golden marketing opportunity and released four ads filmed during the stunt. Watch below as Taco Bell illustrates how small the town is, what it would mean to them to have a Taco Bell (although it seems at least partially like people were excited for the jobs it would create), and the joy Doritos Locos Tacos can bring a small town, even if just for one day. It doesn't seem like Taco Bell is actually planning on opening a permanent location in Bethel, but it sure does make for a few good minutes of television.

Video: Taco Bell: Discovering Bethel, Alaska

Video: Taco Bell: Operation Alaska "Welcome to Bethel"

Video: Taco Bell: Operation Alaska "The Hoax"

Video: Taco Bell: Operation Alaska

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