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Here's Adam Perry Lang's Cookbook Charred & Scruffed

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[Photos: Paula Forbes / Eater]

Barbecue and grilling are cuisines rife with tradition, and in Adam Perry Lang's new book, Charred & Scruffed, he takes "falling-of-the-bone ribs, mahogany-hued briskets, manly (i.e. really huge) cuts of steak, and succulent smoked pork shoulders that taste like the distilled essence of Old Dixie" and chucks them right out the window in favor of brand new techniques.

"Scruffing" the surface of meat to create a better crust, flipping meat constantly while grilling, and even sticking things right on the coals, Charred & Scruffed is a look at radical new techniques in barbecue (and it's freaking people out). Charred & Scruffed is out now from Artisan (buy on Amazon); below, a preview of the book.

Preview: Adam Perry Lang's Charred & Scruffed

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