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Will Bourdain & Nigella's New Show Be Based on the Australian My Kitchen Rules? Answer: No

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As Eater reported yesterday, ABC is currently casting for an Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson-hosted cooking competition show. Could that show possibly be the US launch of Australian hit My Kitchen Rules? It certainly seems like it.

Update 6PM EST: Bourdain writes in "Answer: no. The show with Nigella will not be a US version of any other show." You can ignore the rest of this post.

The Bourdain/Lawson show is being produced by a company called Kinetic Content, which doesn't have much of a track record. Kinetic, founded in the Spring of 2010, has been responsible for shows like Betty White's Off Their Rockers and Perez Hilton: Super Fan. The company did, however, recently acquire the US rights to My Kitchen Rules from Australia's number one network Seven. The show is a monster hit in Australia: it was Seven's highest-rated program this year. The network has aired three seasons (airing it five nights a week) and a fourth is in the works.

Said Kinetic's CEO: "Very rarely does a new format so quickly rocket to and sustain such massive success, and My Kitchen Rules has taken Australia by storm. It is a universal format that we believe will be embraced in the U.S."

According to the Hollywood Reporter, My Kitchen Rules "pits 12 pairs of amateur cooks against each other in a dinner party situation in their own homes, before heading into a professional kitchen for the final rounds." It's hosted by — you guessed it — two celebrity chef judges, although in Australia they're both men. It's a format that one can easily picture Bourdain and Lawson fitting into. Good cop, bad cop, etc.

Below, a whole bunch of clips from Australia's My Kitchen Rules.

Video: My Kitchen Rules 2012 Preview

Video: My Kitchen Rules 2012: Soldiers

Video: My Kitchen Rules 2012: 'Yeah Princess' SA SNEAK PEEK

Video: Sudden Death CookOff SNEAK PEEK - My Kitchen Rules 2012

Video: My Kitchen Rules 2012 Grand Final

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