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Eater Guides to Summer Eating, City by City

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With Memorial Day come and gone, Summer is upon us. The city Eaters rounded up their favorite summertime restaurants, whether that means outdoor dining, poolside snacks, sunset views, or hiding from a fiery hellhole in sweet, sublime air conditioning. Here's where to eat this summer:

Hansen's, New Orleans. [Photo: flickr / infrogmation]

· Boston: The Ultimate Guide to Waterfront Dining in Boston
· New York: Where to Eat at the Coney Island Boardwalk
· New Jersey: A Summer Guide to the Best Eats at The Jersey Shore
· Washington, DC: Where to Eat On and Around the National Mall
· Charleston: Take a Break From Beachin' and Have a Bite
· Miami: A Summer Guide to the Best Poolside Affairs
· New Orleans: The Best Snowball Stands in New Orleans
· Galveston, Texas: Where to Eat in Galveston This Summer
· Austin: Eater Austin's Guide To Summertime Eats And Drinks
· Las Vegas: What to Eat and Drink at the Pools of Las Vegas
· Venice, California: Where to Eat Along The Venice Boardwalk
· San Francisco: The Eater SF "Summer" Pool Heatmap

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