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Umami Burger Now Selling Stuff to Umami Up Your Food

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California burger chain Umami Burger is now selling all kinds of Umami stuff so you can umami up your food at home. Products include: Umami Ketchup ("slightly sweet with the perfect balance of tomato, vinegar, salt and just a hint of truffle"), Umami Master Sauce (their take on soy sauce), Umami Dust (a seasoning), and Umami Spray (aka Japanese Mizushio). That last one will be necessary in the creation of Umami Burger's pink slime-free Pink Slime Burger.

They're also selling Umami Burger-approved fish sauce, barbecue sauce and pepper sauce. Go, spend all of your money on umamification products. Here's a press release:


(LOS ANGELES, Calif. – June 4, 2012) Umami Restaurant Group, creators of Umami Burger, named “Burger of the Year” by GQ magazine, today announced the debut of UMAMI Products Company, which will bring the wonders of the fifth taste to your own kitchen. The debut collection of products has four proprietary, all-natural and creative condiments created by Umami Burger founder, Adam Fleischman, along with a curated assortment of other unique specialty food condiments.

“For years people have been asking for our secret recipe at Umami Burger,” said Fleischman. “Now anyone can umamify their meal with a sprinkle or spray of our products.”

The first UMAMI Products available include:

• UMAMI Ketchup ($7.50) – Not your typical ketchup, UMAMI Ketchup is slightly sweet with the perfect balance of tomato, vinegar, salt and just a hint of truffle. This is the best thing to happen to ketchup since fries.

• UMAMI Master Sauce ($7.00) – This new spin on soy sauce helps you umamify steaks, burgers, chicken, rice, tofu, vegetables or anything else you can imagine.

• UMAMI Dust ($9.00) – A whole new category of seasoning, UMAMI Dust can be added to any protein or vegetable as a flavor-enhancer, which is all natural and MSG free.

• UMAMI Spray ($15.00) – Known in Japan as a Mizushio, UMAMI Spray blends together umami, kombu, and all-natural plant and seafood essences infused into a water-based spray. Spray this directly onto your salad or into your sauces to make them more crave-

UMAMI Products are all natural, free of MSG and contain no corn syrup or artificial

In addition, the UMAMI Products Company will also offer:

• Red Boat Fish Sauce ($10.00- $13.00) – The savory, sweet, and umami-laden
sauce gives dishes a unique, rich and satisfying dimension. Red Boat is an all-
natural, first press, “extra virgin,” Vietnamese fish sauce made from a two hundred
year-old artisanal process.

• Hak’s BBQ Sauce ($8.00) – Created by Sharone Hakman for an episode of Gordon
Ramsey’s Masterchef, this BBQ sauce boasts the taste and texture of caramelized
onion and garlic on the surface, punctuated by a deep smack of bourbon, followed
by smoked and roasted chilies that release heat and comfort the palate.

• Gindo’s Spice of Life Fresh Pepper Sauce ($10.00) - Tangy and sweet with a spicy
finish, Gindo’s Spice of Life is an artisanal hot sauce composed only of the freshest,
highest quality ingredients. Created by Chris Ginder, an Umami Burger Chef,
Gindo’s Spice of Life is the first Umami-approved hot sauce.

For a limited time and while supplies last, UMAMI Products will be available for sale at
available at and select Umami Burger locations including UMAMIcatessen
in Downtown Los Angeles.

For more information on Umami Restaurant Group, Umami Burger or the UMAMI
Products Company, please visit,

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[Photo: Umami Burger]