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All-Robot Staff Serves, Cooks at China's Robot Restaurant

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<span class="credit"><em>[Photo: <a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2165339/Serving-humanity-diner-time-Chinese-restaurant-robot-staff-delights-noodle-lovers.html">Rex Features</a>]</em></span>
[Photo: Rex Features]

The robot overlords continue their steady ascension to the top of the food chain: Haohai Robot Restaurant in Harbin, China is staffed entirely by robots. 18 robots cook, serve, and even entertain diners (there's a singing robot), all the while addressing them as "Earth Person." Wait, so these aren't just robots, they're alien robots?

The robots serve up dumplings and noodles, and menu items cost between 40 and 50 yuan (US$6.30 to $7.90). Not too bad, considering the robots themselves cost about 200,000 yuan each (US$32,000) and can only work for five hours before they need a two hour battery recharge.

Not terrified of the impending robot takeover yet? Keep in mind this is China's fourth robot restaurant.. For now they're waiting on humans, but how soon before the roles are reversed?

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