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Stephen Colbert on the 'Homosnacksual' Rainbow Oreo

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After Kraft released the above image of a rainbow cream-stuffed Oreo during Pride this year, Stephen Colbert was shocked (shocked) to discover that America's favorite cookie the Oreo is gay, or, as he refers to it, "a homosnacksual." "I should've known something was fishy," he admits, "when [Oreos] got me to accept consensual double stuffing." He also has to ask about the sexual orientation of other snacks: Twinkies? Almond Joys? Animal Crackers? (See also: wacky Taiwanese animators NMA have a slightly more violent take on the rainbow Oreo.)

Video: Stephen Colbert on the Rainbow Oreo

Video: Colbert Signoff: Oreo Twist

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