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More Top Chef Seattle Rumors: F&W's Dana Cowin Spotted, Contestants in Whole Foods

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More fuel for the Top Chef Seattle fire: Last night Jamie Boudreau of the cocktail bar Canon in Seattle claimed to have served Gail Simmons and Food & Wine EIC Dana Cowin. Boudreau tweeted: "Nice to meet @gailsimmons and @fwscout @CanonSeattle tonight! Looks like Seattle is closer to getting that Top Chef location!" Canon's Facebook account also posted: "Gail Simmons and Dana Corwin (editor in chief of Food & Wine) just stopped in to say hi. And to add fuel to the Top Chef-rumor-mill fire!"

And even better: A commenter writes in: "My mom works at Whole Foods in Redmond [16 miles east of Seattle], and said the contestants just ran in to do their frantic shopping for a challenge. Filming for Top Chef Seattle is definitely underway."

Yesterday came reports of Tom Colicchio and Emeril Lagasse; earlier this weeks came sightings of Padma Lakshmi. Got tips or photos? You know where to send them.

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