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Graham Elliot Kicks Out Journalist Mid-Meal

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Photos: Todd Rosenberg, Graham Elliot

Things are getting feisty in Chicago, as chef Graham Elliot had his G.E.B. staff throw out ABC7 Chicago's Steve Dolinsky mid-meal today. Unpleased with the situation (obviously), Dolinsky tweeted, "Was just kicked out of g.e.b. after eating 3 dishes. Edict from GEB via phone. Weirdest thing ever. Classy." So why the zero tolerance policy on Dolinsky? Elliot tells Eater Chicago, "When he ate at Charlie Trotter's and live tweeted through the whole meal how shitty it was, to me that's so egregiously over the line that I absolutely will not have someone like that at my establishment." Elliot considers Trotter to be one of his mentors.

Elliot says his staff was on notice to bar Dolinsky from dining, and that "I would have done it to his face had I been there." Elliot has told Eater in the past, "I've been kicked off Yelp three times for responding to reviews that were just plain factually wrong. I don't let that shit slide." Clearly not.

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