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Top Chef Judges Colicchio, Lagasse Spotted in Seattle

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Next up in Top Chef rumormongering: Judges Tom Colicchio and Emeril Lagasse have been spotted around Seattle. An Eater commenter says s/he spotted Colicchio on a flight from Newark to Seattle on June 25th, and Twitterer @MoriandBugsy says Lagasse was seen at the Seattle hotel Olive 8 earlier today. And just a couple days ago, Padma Lakshmi was seen in the area as well.

Which is great if you're into judge sightings and all, but what about the cheftestapants? Who are the young innocents to be trotted in front of the Glad Family of Products altar, only to be told to pack their knives and go like so many before them? There are plenty of rumors to be mongered, and watch out because more information is coming soon. But meanwhile, if you've got intel on cheftestapants, do drop us a line.

Update: A commenter chimes in and writes that Gail Simmons was spotted at What the Pho in Bellevue, WA. Quote: "Someone asked if she was in town for the taping, and she said she really couldn't say much, but that [she] was looking forward to exploring the area."

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