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Are These The Best New Pizza Places In The World?

San Francisco's Del Popolo.
San Francisco's Del Popolo.
Photo: Eric Zepeda/ESF

Food & Wine takes the temperature of the giant, spinning pizza oven that is Planet Earth and declares this bunch the "best new pizza places" across the world. Some of them are so new, they're not even open yet—Franny's in New York and Pastaria in St. Louis—so it's lucky that Food & Wine found a time traveler with a food criticism background to join the staff.

On home soil, joints are broken up by geography: the West bracket features Del Popolo in San Francisco; in the South there's The Backspace in Austin, TX; in the Midwest they like Mani Osteria in Ann Arbor, MI and New York City gets its own category, featuring eight spots including three-ovened Ribalta.

Worldwide? Savoy in Tokyo and Franco Manca in London make the list, and there's also a "new pizza classics" list including Motorino in NYC and Great Lake in Chicago.

The West
Ciccio; Yountville, CA
Redd Wood; Yountville, CA
Del Popolo, San Francisco
Casey’s Pizza Truck, San Francisco
Stella Rossa; Santa Monica, CA
800 Degrees, Los Angeles
Oven and Shaker; Portland, OR

The South
Garage Bar; Louisville, KY
The Backspace, Austin
Harry’s Pizzeria, Miami

The Midwest
Bar Toma, Chicago
Mani Osteria; Ann Arbor, MI
(Coming Soon) Pastaria by Niche, St. Louis

New York City
Don Antonio by Starita
Via Tribunali
(Coming Soon) Franny’s

Da Michele, Naples
Franco Manca, London
La Briciola, Paris
La Mezzetta, Buenos Aires
Savoy, Tokyo

Click through to Food & Wine to read their arguments for each pick.

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