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That California Foie Ban? Won't Actually Be Enforced.

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The California foie gras ban may be coming into effect July 1st, but apparently there are many, many easy ways around it, just as was the case in Chicago during their short-lived prohibition.

As Bloomberg reports, authorities are being pretty open about the fact that they won't go after chefs who serve the stuff for free. The LAPD and SFPD don't plan on investigating any cases at all, and representatives from state animal welfare organizations don't really, either: "We may get complaints and conduct an investigation as to where the foie gras came from," says Karen Brown of San Francisco's Department of Animal Care and Control. "If we found out it came from outside California, then we wouldn’t cite."

Los Angeles chef Ludo Lefebvre has already said that he plans to include it in his tasting menus, and Mark Pastore, owner of San Francisco's Incanto, is thinking about introducing a foie gras corkage fee; it's only illegal to produce it or sell it in California, not possess it. To adapt to the new situation and take full advantage of the loophole, some purveyors are already leaving the state and setting up shop in border areas, so that couriers can deliver the stuff or California residents can come get it themselves and bring it back home.

The only real deterrent: the unrelenting wrath of activists.

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