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Watch Rachael Ray & Jay Leno Have 'Unprotected Burger'

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Unfunny funny man Jay Leno can't help himself when surrounded by food celebrities. See him get molested by Paula Deen or alternatively play grabby hands with her; Leno has also encouraged Gordon Ramsay to be, well, Gordon Ramsay. In comes television personality Rachael Ray on Friday night, pimping her latest cookbook, The Book of Burger.

Before Ray even comes out on stage, Leno calls the cookbook "guy porn." "Women have 50 Shades of Grey," says Leno, flipping through the book. "We have this... check it out, there's tons of this, oh my, oh my, oh man. There's a bachelor party, buddy." Later, during the cooking segment, Rachael Ray offer Leno gloves while he's preparing food. Says Leno, "Gloves, nah, come on baby... Let's have unprotected burger."

Video: Rachael Ray on Leno, Part 1

Video: Rachael Ray on Leno, Part 2

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