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Farewell to Foie Gras: 12 Dinners, Specials, and Menus Across California

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California's state-wide foie gras ban goes into effect July 1, which means the state's restaurants have ten days left to serve the fatty duck/goose livers. So as they lumber steadily towards certain foie gras-free doom, what are chefs up to? Serving as much foie gras as humanly possible, and in all forms: think foie gras sushi, foie gras pastries, foie gras ramen, foie gras with eels, foie gras-infused vodka. Below, a round-up of the dinners and specials (add foie gras to anything for $5!) available through June 30. After that, you're on your own.

1: Fifth Floor — San Francisco
Five course foie gras tasting menu, $120, through June 30
Foie Gras of Note: The Wild Goose Chase cocktail, which comes with a foie gras-dusted rim and a foie-stuffed plum.

2: Alexander's Steakhouse — San Francisco
Seven course foie gras menu, $185, June 30
Foie Gras of Note: The Silence of the Ducks: seared foie gras with fava beans and a nice chianti.

3: Chaya Brasserie — Beverly Hills, San Francisco
Foie gras specials, through the end of the month
Foie Gras of Note: Seared Foie Gras Nigiri.

4: Ame, San Francisco and Bar Terra, St. Helena
Foie gras ramen, through the end of the month
Foie Gras of Note: Duck Foie Gras Wontons.

5: Nombe, San Francisco
A five course foie gras dinner, $49.95 (plus $25 for wine), June 21
Foie Gras of Note: A Foie Gras and Eel Terrine.

6: Melisse, Santa Monica
Foie For All Menu, Nightly til June 30
Foie Gras of Note: The mysterious "Something Sweet With Foie."

7: Bisou, San Francisco
Farewell Foie Gras dinner, June 28, $75
Foie Gras of Note: Wild Skate Wing Mille Feuilles with Foie Gras.

8: Txoko, San Francisco
Foie gras prix fixe, Tuesdays & Thursdays til the end of the month
Foie Gras of Note: The menu changes each night.

9: Craftsman & Wolves, San Francisco
Specialty pastry, limited quantity
Foie Gras of Note: The Devil Inside, featuring chocolate-toffee ganache studded with foie gras.

10: Artisan Bistro, Lafayette
Eight course dinner with wine pairings, $149, June 27
Foie Gras of Note: Foie Macarons.

11: Palio d'Asti, San Francisco
Add foie gras to any dish for $5, June 25-30
Foie Gras of Note: Available on everything, except happy hour pizzas.

12: Red Light District, San Diego
Six course special "Au-Re-Foie" dinner, June 25 to 30
Foie Gras of Note: Foie soil.

11: n/naka, Los Angeles
13 course dinner, nightly til the ban but is currently sold out.
Foie Gras of Note: All kinds of foie sushi; also, unlike everyone else, they refrained from doing a foie dessert.

California is a huge state with many restaurants. Know of a dinner or special we missed? Let us know.

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