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Are These the Best New Asian Restaurants in the US?

Pok Pok NY, New York City.
Pok Pok NY, New York City.
Photo: Krieger / Eater NY

Over at Details magazine, food writer JJ Goode says these are the best new Asian-food restaurants in the US. But are they? Possibly, maybe. Included: LA's critic-unmasking Red Medicine, Thai food-phenom Andy Ricker's Pok Pok NY, and French Laundry alum Corey Lee's Benu in San Francisco. They also have the 20 best new Asian dishes, the five best Asian food trucks, and chefs' five best Asian pantry secrets. Here's the full list:

Details' Ten Best New Asian-Food Restaurants

· Red Medicine, Los Angeles
· Lukshon, Los Angeles
· Little Serow, Washington, DC
· Pok Pok NY, New York City
· Mission Chinese, San Francisco
· Danji, New York City
· Cholon, Denver
· Revel, Seattle
· Ruxbin, Chicago
· Benu, San Francisco

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