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Meet 'One of the Country's Hottest Chefs,' 13 Year Old Flynn McGarry

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NBC Nightly News is the nation's culinary arbiter. It astutely identifies the food trends of tomorrow and the top tastemakers behind them. To wit, here's a recent segment about "one of the country’s hottest chefs," Flynn McGarry, a 13 year old "culinary prodigy" whose "delicacies are already pleasing some of the most discerning palates." Yes this very much is for real: NBC News even scored some footage at McGarry's nine-course pop-up at "one of LA's hippest eateries," Playa. Said Playa chef John Sedlar, "Flynn's a very unusual young man and he's very passionate."

But probably the best bit from the segment features the inside of his bedroom. It's not a bedroom. He turned it into a fully-functional kitchen. His goal, surprise, is three Michelin stars and to be in the top five of the World's 50 Best. Said his mom: "Sometimes I sort of think that he's like you know reincarnated from like a French chef you know in the 1920s or something." Watch:

NYC's Greg Grossman is looking pretty old these days.

Video: Flynn McGarry, Koodie

Video: John Sedlar on Flynn McGarry

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