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Gael Greene Latest Victim in Critic Layoff Epidemic

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According to her Insatiable Critic blog, restaurant critic Gael Greene has been let go from her gig reviewing restaurants for Crain's New York Business (in which she gave restaurants up to four hats instead of stars). Greene says editor Glenn Coleman was regretful when he called to drop the bad news: "We love your work – I've always admired your work — but we can't afford you."

She's certainly not the only critic to lose their gig recently; professional critic layoffs are becoming an epidemic across the country. Recently, Brett Anderson of the New Orleans Times Picayune was laid off (and then offered his job back), and Besha Rodell of Creative Loafing in Atlanta left that job due to budget cuts (she was cut and offered a freelance position).

But, as the 78-year-old Greene puts it, "Am I the oldest person in the world to be fired twice mid-forkful in less than four years?" Greene was let go from her 40-year-long career as New York magazine's reviewer in 2008; at the time, she said it was like "cutting off your nose to spite your face." Of losing the Crain's position, she writes "It's not quite as painful as being declared redundant by New York magazine but?ouch!" Here's to Greene finally getting to those long vacations and "all those assignments I've been turning away."

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