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Jason Vincent Crowned King of Porcdom at Grand Cochon

Jason Vincent, Nightwood, Chicago.
Jason Vincent, Nightwood, Chicago.

[Photo: Huge Galdones]

Traveling pork fiesta Cochon 555 held its annual pigstravaganza Grand Cochon in Aspen this past weekend, and Chicago chef Jason Vincent of Nightwood was crowned King of Porc. Vincent told Eater Chicago he didn't expect to beat the competition: "I mean, Naomi Pomeroy and Michelle fuckin Berstein? Holy shit. We didn't expect it." Vincent competed against chefs Marc Forgione, Lars Kronmark, Kelly English, Naomi Pomeroy, Jamie Bissonnette, Michelle Bernstein, Scott Drewno, Jason Vincent, Ben Ford, and Thomas McNaughton, each of whom won his or her local Cochon 555 competition.

Vincent's dishes included a decadent bacon-butterscotch doughnut served with soft scrambled egg and "hollandoink" sauce and a bloody mary on the bone. After his win, Vincent said his cell phone maxed out on how many text messages he could receive, all from friends and family congratulating him: "It was so nice that there were 150 people who care about me paying attention to this thing hundreds of miles away."

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