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Critic Accidentally Slams Dead Chef in Restaurant Review

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Photo: Silva's Sheldon Inn

Both the Sacramento Bee and its food critic Blair Anthony Robertson have issued apologies for a grave mishap made by Robertson in a review. In his unenthusiastic writeup of Silva's Sheldon Inn, Robertson criticized the cuisine of Don Brown, whom Robertson assumed was the sous chef at the restaurant (the review has since been edited).

However a quick look at the Silva Sheldon Inn's website shows an 'in loving memory' reference to Don Brown, who passed away two years ago in 2010. Local chefs and friends and family of the restaurant are appalled by the critic's mistake — which isn't quoted here because it's already been removed from the newspaper's website. Robertson is very sorry though and formally apologized for any "jolt of pain and anguish" his error may have caused.

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Silva's Sheldon Inn

9000 Grant Line Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95624

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