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Watch The Daily Show Take on the UK's 'Hallowed Rite of Passage': Leaving Kids in Pubs

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British Prime Minister David Cameron recently left his eight-year-old daughter alone in a pub on accident, and Jon Stewart thinks that's cause to cut the Secret Service some slack: "Say what you will about the Secret Service messing around with Colombian prostitutes. You know what they never did? Left Malia in an Applebee's."

Then Stewart checks in with Daily Show senior British correspondent John Oliver, who discusses the "hallowed rite of passage" that is being left in a pub by your parents. Oliver thinks young Nancy Cameron was lucky to be left in a fancy pub like The Plow at Cadsden; he got left in a place called The Rat and Paedophile. Also there is singing.

Video: The Daily Show's Err-a-Parent

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