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Eater Young Guns Final 50: Cole Dickinson

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It's time to meet another finalist from our list of 50 potential Eater Young Guns. Last week, we announced the list of 50 contenders, paired down by a select group of acclaimed U.S. chefs and the editorial team at Eater HQ, and began revealing their letters of support. Above, Michael Voltaggio's letter of recommendation for Ink. chef de cuisine, Cole Dickinson. And below, some additional thoughts he added on at a nominations committee meeting last week:

Cole and I met when he was 21. He was working at Charlie Palmer’s Dry Creek when I took over there. We ended up working together at three or four different restaurants after that, and then he went and worked at L20 in Chicago, and Fat Duck and all these places. But the interesting thing about Cole is, when we opened Bazaar together ... I actually fired him from there. He left and went off and got a job with Wolfgang Puck. That was almost three years ago, and ... now he basically runs my restaurant. This was a guy who, you know, was sort of going through a bunch of stuff in his life and just realized he was gonna use the kitchen as his way to sort of fix his life and get back on track and now he’s crushing it. He’s here at 8 o’clock in the morning, and he stays until 2 o’clock in the morning, and he owns this restaurant in some cases more than I do. Which is amazing for me, because this is a kid that’s 28 years old and just made a decision in his life to focus on his career and put all that energy into something positive. He’s probably one of my biggest accomplishments in my life.
Stay tuned over the next two weeks as we feature more finalists, and watch out for the full reveal on June 25.

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