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LA Restaurateur Freaks Out, Breaks Eater Editor's Camera

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Photo: Daniela Galarza / Eater LA

Oh boy: John Makhani, the owner of the forthcoming Los Angeles restaurant Duplex threatened and broke the camera of Eater LA contributor Daniela Galaraza. She was at the restaurant with executive chef Ressul Rassallat, who voluntarily gave her a tour of the restaurant and Galarza notes was "a fine gentleman, perfectly mannered, professional, and generous with his time." Apparently Makhani had given the exclusive first look to a competitor but hadn't shared that information to Rassallat.

Makhani then totally lost it, threatening to call the police and told Galarza, "You are not allowed in here, if you publish ANYTHING about ANYTHING I will sue you and sue your website. I swear to God." Eater LA has decided not to take any legal action against John Makhani or his business, but has chosen to publish an account instead.

Head over to Eater LA for the full saga. >>>


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