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Pizzas on Parade: Here Are 12 Awesome Mobile Pizzerias

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Pizza is an imminently portable foodstuff. You can get it by the slice when you're on the go, or you can get it delivered to your house if you're feeling lazy. Sometimes the whole damn pizza restaurant comes to you, as is the case in the 12 mobile pizza vendors listed below. Some have wood burning ovens, some do not; some are in buses and some are in fire trucks; in the grand tradition of mobile food, many have punny names.

Big Green Truck Pizza, New Haven, Connecticut
Big Green Truck Pizza. [Photo: Big Green Truck Pizza / Flickr]
A pizza catering service in New Have, Big Green Truck has 1946, ‘47, ‘48 and ’49, International Harvesters KB-5’s that have been totally tricked out with modern engines and automatic transmission. Also, they're iPod compatible and the company offers "pizza playlists" when they cater.

4 Alarm Pizza, South Florida
4 Alarm Pizza. [Photo: 4 Alarm Pizza]
A firetruck based out of Boca Raton, Florida, the 4 Alarm truck has its own wood burning over built into the truck's facade.

Streetzeria, Seattle
Streetzeria. [Photo: Eater Seattle]
Streetzeria is an open air pizza cart that bakes pies onsite to order.

Pi Pizza, Houston
Pi Pizza. [Photo: Pi Pizza, Houston]
Pi Pizza in Houston takes the math puns to the 3.14159th degree.

Fist of Flour, San Francisco
First of Flour. [Photo: Fist of Flour / Facebook]
Owner James Whitehead says the design for Fist of Flour came because while he was "diggin the yellow school bus...I always saw it as the black white and red 'Cool' bus."

Engine 1, Las Vegas
Engine 1. [Photo: David S. / Yelp]
Engine 1 is a 1965 Seagate authentic fire truck serving up pizza from the on board wood-fired oven in Las Vegas.

Fox Pizza Bus, Los Angeles
Fox Pizza Bus. [Photo: Fox Pizza Bus]
What its website calls "the perfect mobile platform," Fox Pizza Bus in LA is "a bright yellow, Scottish transit double decker bus-complete with orange plaid interior."

Pie on Wheels, Albany, New York
Pies on Wheels. [Photo: Pies on Wheels / Twitter]
Pies on Wheels has a 6,500 lb Earthstone wood fired oven on board.

The Rolling Stonebaker, Beverly Shores, Indiana
The Rolling Stonebaker. [Photo: The Rolling Stonebaker / Facebook]
Because rural Indiana needs pizza from a truck, too, the Rolling Stonebaker is actually two retired firetrucks, one from 1949 and one from 1952.

Nomad Pizza Truck, Hopewell, New Jersey
Nomad Pizza Truck. [Photo: Nomad / Facebook]
Continuing the antique truck trend, Nomad serves its pizzas out of a fixed up 1949 REO Speedwagon.

Pizza Planet Truck (Replica)
Pizza Planet Truck. [Photo: Pixar]
Made by a group of college students, this is not an actual pizza truck but rather an exact replica of the Pizza Planet truck from Pixar's Toy Story. Seriously exact: Pixar employees said the only issue with it was that it wasn't dirty enough.

Del Popolo, San Francisco
Del Popolo. [Photo: flourandwater / Instagram]
This photo does not quite do it justice, but Del Popolo is an $180,000 glass-sided truck with a whole wood oven inside from pizzaiolo Jon Darksy, formerly of Flour + Water in San Francisco.

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