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Are These the Best Burger Cities in America?

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Stanley's, Providence, RI.
Stanley's, Providence, RI.
Photo: pvdEric / Flickr

Hey, the readers of Travel + Leisure have voted and these are the most best burger cities in the country. But are they really, truly the best burger cities? Could be. First up is Providence, Rhode Island, followed by Philadelphia and then Chicago. Feel free to raise a righteous stink in the comments if your city isn't included. Now, on to the best burgers cities:

Travel + Leisure's Top Twenty American Burger Cities

1. Providence, RI
2. Philadelphia, PA
3. Chicago, IL
4. Houston, TX
5. San Juan, PR
6. San Diego, CA
7. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
8. Kansas City, MO
9. New York City
10. Los Angeles
11. Denver, CO
12. Savannah, GA
13. Austin, TX
14. Memphis, TN
15. Nashville, TN
16. Las Vegas, NV
17. New Orleans, LA
18. San Antonio, TX
19. Portland, ME
20. Seattle, WA

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