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Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler Will Face Lawsuit from Ex-Partner

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The Barcelona radio station Cadena SER reports that chef Ferran Adrià and maître d' Juli Soler of elBulli will finally appear in court over allegations that they unethically bought out a former partner. Since 2008, the sons of investor Miquel Horta have alleged that Soler and Adrià took advantage of their father's frail mental state to buy him out for a fraction of what he should have been paid.

According to his sons, Horta gave Adrià money to update and expand the kitchen of the restaurant in 1994, in exchange for a 20 per cent share in the restaurant. In 2005, Adrià and Soler reportedly bought Horta out for 1.2 Million Euro, which his sons claim was much too low a figure. They have produced an independent valuation of the restaurant that puts its total worth above 45 Million Euro.

The court date has been set for the end of October, though reports suggest the matter could be settled out of court before then. Adrià has not commented publicly on the news, though he did say of the allegations months ago: "The truth is I am not interested in polemics. I haven't got involved because one has to be aware that one cannot be liked by everyone — that is impossible."

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