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Watch a Restaurant Critic Get Tortured on Bob's Burgers

Last night on Bob's Burgers, the world's #1 rated animated television series about hamburgers, the most feared restaurant critic in town, the Moody Foody (voiced by comedian/actor Patton Oswalt), visited the restaurant. The family of course made a mess of things, and the devastating review called the burgers "overdone and dry" and "insufferable." Also: "The best part of the meal was the napkin I spat my my food into. Thank you, little napkin."

Bob gets the idea in his head that he can get a "Re-Do," saying that "I'm gonna walk over to the Moody Foody's house and cook him dinner." Things go from bad to worse: Bob's kids show up, they end up duct-taping the critic to a chair, and they try to force the critic to eat another hamburger. Things get really ugly when the other burned restaurateurs show up.

Video: The Critic Comes Into the Restaurant

Video: A Restaurant Critic Get Tortured on Bob's Burgers

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