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With Alcohol Spray, Skip Drinking & Go Straight to Drunk

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Photo: Franck Fife / AFP

Sure, okay, why not: designer Phillipe Starck and scientist David Edwards of "Le Whif" chocolate fame (what's with this guy and putting things in aerosol cans?) have introduced an alcohol spray called Wahh Quantum Sensations. The spray gets you momentarily drunk with, supposedly, no side effects — it delivers 0.075 milliliters of alcohol per dose. So it's for people who want to be drunk without drinking and only for a short time?

Sounds like a potentially severe threat to America's youth. But don't worry: it's currently only available in Europe where a 21-shot cans costs 20 euro (US$26). And seeing as how the caffeine spray AeroShots got blocked from US distribution, sprayable alcohol probably doesn't have a chance.

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