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Restaurant Data Mining to Make Servers' Lives Hell

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Photo: A still from Take Out

Welcome to your data-driven futuristic hell, Servers of America: Wired has a profile of Slingshot, restaurant data mining software that tracks which servers are selling what. That means with a click, your boss can find out who has low drink sales, or never manages to get customers to add cheese or bacon to a burger, and then get on that server's ass about it. This isn't the first time something like this has been implemented; another company, Objective Logistics, tries to turn competitive sales among servers into a game. Fun?

But unlike the "gamified" version, Slingshot is everywhere: according to Wired, half of Zagat's top-50 New York restaurants use the software, and 94% of Las Vegas strip casino restaurants do too. That is to say: if you haven't worked somewhere with this kind of thing yet, you will soon.

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