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McDonald's UK Ad Turns a British Town Texan, Sort Of

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McDonald's UK is in the middle of some sort of "Great Tastes of America" promotion, and launched it with the Texas BBQ Burger, which appears to be Texan by: 1. having barbecue sauce on it, and 2. being very large. More remarkable than that is this ad below, which exists in some sort of parallel Texas/England hybrid universe where the "Marquis of YeeHaa" presides over an idyllic country cowboy village where everyone wears cowboy boots, including the King Charles Spaniels.

Other burgers that taste like America include the Chicago Supreme, the Arizona Nacho Grande, and the New York Classic burgers, to be released in the coming weeks. The ads for those will feature "Chicago theatre props, Arizona cacti and an iconic New York yellow taxi," respectively, but will still exist in the same British-ish town. In the meantime: Texans, steel yourselves.

Video: McDonald's "GTA Texas BBQ" TV Ad

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