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Edward Lee Now Shilling For KFC, Because Why Not

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KFC, the fried chicken chain/blogger junket provider/cheesy bacon bowl maker — a unit of Yum! Brands, Inc, the planet's largest restaurant company — has hired Edward Lee, the jaw-grinding Top Chef Texas cheftestapant and chef/owner of 610 Magnolia (Louisville, KY).

Last year, KFC "discovered" a manuscript by Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Harland Sanders; it was an autobiography of sorts alongside recipes. KFC's plan is to offer the book online June 4. And Edward Lee is along for the ride, doing videos on YouTube in which he cooks the Colonel's recipes but with a "modern twist."

"I really wanted to make this one recipe, it's called the upside down peach cobbler," says Lee in one of the videos that describes him as a "celebrity chef." "Which is great because I actually make a peach cobbler at my restaurant." Also: "I'm not going to be too precise with this recipe, because I want you to go to Facebook and get them."

And in somewhat related news: Just last week, Greenpeace released a report that KFC is "sourcing paper for its packaging products from rainforests" and "driving the destruction of forests in countries like Indonesia." Greenpeace then put up a giant banner outside KFC headquarters in Louisville to drive the point home.

Video: Chef Edward Lee - Potato Pancakes

Video: Chef Edward Lee - Upside Down Peach Cobbler

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610 Magnolia

610 West Magnolia Avenue, Louisville, KY 40208