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Which US Chef Got Robbed by Prostitutes in Cuba?

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What happens when you take ten American chefs, mostly from New York, and send them to Cuba for a cooking event? One of them takes two prostitutes home who then rob him blind. Sure, why not. New York chef and Proyecto Paladar chef director Sara Jenkins tweets, "So one of the American chefs in Cuba took two whores home with him and then got robbed of all his money #butofcourse #icantsaywho!" So who was it?

Information is spotty on who exactly went to Cuba. These chefs were involved in the New York launch event for Proyecto Paladar: Sara Jenkins (Porsena, Porchetta), Marco Canora (Hearth Terroir), Mark Ladner (Del Posto), Sisha Ortúzar (Riverpark), Tamara Reynolds (Unique Eats, Sunday Night Dinner),Pierre Thiam (Le Grand Dakar), and Sue Torres (Sueños). It seems that some of those chefs either brought their sous chefs along with them to Havana or sent them in their place.

Also, that doesn't seem to be the full list. According to the New York Times story on the event, Jenkins was definitely there, as was Lo, Canora, Del Posto sous chef Eduardo Valle, and Doug Rodríguez of Alma de Cuba in Philadelphia.

So, without much to go on, have any insider intel or wildly speculative guesses? Leave them in the comments.

Update: Chef Jenkins writes in: "I want to apologize to all the chefs and colleagues who helped put together this amazing cultural exchange for indiscreetly calling out the behavior of one member during the trip. What was meant to be some collegial ribbing in fact has instead reflected poorly on all the chefs who donated their time and energy to this project. And while I don’t condone the individual’s behavior, I do regret airing it publicly on twitter. Social media lesson learned."

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