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TV Star/Chef Marco Pierre White Doesn't Own a TV

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UK chef/restaurateur/regular television personality Marco Pierre White tells the UK Press Association that he in fact does not own a TV because owning one "would bring people he disliked into his home." A bit of a television resume: White was the "Head Chef" in the UK version of Hell's Kitchen (seasons 3-4), the host of NBC's ill-fated restaurant reality series The Chopping Block back in 2008, and the host of the 2010 UK series Marco's Kitchen Burnout. White is to star in a brand-new UK series called Marco Pierre White's Kitchen Wars. He tells the UKPA about the dark magic that is the moving picture box:

I prefer to have conversation. I prefer to read. I prefer to play chess. Also, there are certain people I don't like in this world and why do I want them in my front room? It's as simple as that. I won't mention any names... You're sitting there having a bit of peace and someone pops in your room. I can't imagine anything worse. What's he doing there? What's she doing there?

On the bright side: at least he can't see his own television commercials? White also admitted the positive of chefs on TV, saying that it's "inspired the nation, one to care about provenance of food and secondly to want to cook." The negative? "[I]t's pulled great chefs away from their stoves."

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