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Esquire Picks the Best Bars in the US For 2012

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Bryant's Cocktail Lounge, Milwaukee.
Bryant's Cocktail Lounge, Milwaukee.
Photo: Bryant's

Esquire magazine has announced their Best Bars 2012 selections, and this year they've nominated a whole bar city: Milwaukee, Wisconsin is drinks correspondent David Wondrich's city of the year thanks to two bars, Koz's Mini Bowl and Bryant's Cocktail Lounge. Wondrich's other picks include non-Milwaukee Midwestern selections including The Ball & Biscuit in Indianapolis and The Velvet Tango Room in Cleveland, and the brand new Bar at the NoMad Hotel in New York. Here's the full list:

Esquire's Best Bars 2012

· Koz's Mini Bowl, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
· Bryant's Cocktail Lounge, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
· Swift Hibernian Lounge, New York City
· The Bar at the NoMad Hotel, New York City
· Rob Roy, Seattle
· Lou's Beer Garden, Miami Beach
· Fred's Lounge, Mamou, Louisiana
· The Velvet Tango Room, Cleveland, Ohio
· Kask, Portland, Oregon
· Cat & Fiddle, Hollywood
· The Ball & Biscuit, Indianapolis
· Anvil Bar & Refuge, Houston

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