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Grant Achatz's Next Launching Sicilian Menu June 2

Next, Chicago.
Next, Chicago.
Photo: Next / Facebook

How is Grant Achatz's ever-changing Chicago restaurant Next following its epic elBulli menu? With their "version of a Sicilian home," which means about 13 courses of rustic Italian food. Achatz tells Eater Chicago they're still figuring out the specifics of the menu: "If we frame it as authentic Sicilian rustic cuisine, that's what we need to do. If we do [Next chef] Dave Beran's interpretation, we do that. Either way we're going to win because it's going to be delicious." Next's Sicily menu runs from June 2 through September 9th, when a Kyoto-themed menu will take over.

Head over to Eater Chicago for all the Sicilian menu intel. >>>


953 West Fulton Market Chicago, IL 60607