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Are These the Best Cities For Eating Brunch in America?

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Virtue Feed and Grain, Alexandria, VA
Virtue Feed and Grain, Alexandria, VA
Photo: R. Lopez/Eater DC

So we already know where to find America's best spots for brunch and, of course, all the hottest brunches in the Eater universe, but now it's time to determine what the very best cities in America are when it comes to brunch. Food & Wine has put together a listicle of the Best Brunch Cities in the U.S. and while "New York still rules when it comes to brunch-crazed populations," they'd better watch their backs because apparently Chicago's brunch scene "is taking off" and Washington, DC, "may be the next place to get swept up in the obsession." Noticeably absent? Brunch-loving Austin, Texas.

Are these the best brunch cities in America?

1) New York
2) Los Angeles
3) Atlanta
4) Las Vegas
5) Chicago
6) Boston
7) Washington, D.C.
8) Portland, OR
9) Santa Fe
10) Philadelphia
11) Miami
12) San Francisco

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