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Bourdain's Bone To See Big Screen Adaptation In 2012

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Anthony Bourdain's "wildly funny, irreverent tale of murder, mayhem, and the mob," Bone In The Throat, will be produced for film this year, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The first-ever big-screen Bourdain adaptation will be directed by a guy who's previously specialized in car and beer ads, and via, director Graham Henman says they're moving the New York City tale to East London:

"With the exception of a few gems, Hollywood has been deficient in making a good restaurant film. With “Bone in the Throat” I am looking forward to doing just that and setting the film in London will allow me to take advantage of a city where the food scene is simply on fire."
Bone In The Throat is the first of Bourdain's three novels. No word yet on any casting decisions.

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