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Now You Can Be Fined For Not Eating All You Can Eat

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While people in Wisconsin deal with the horror of a man denied all he could eat at an all-you-can-eat fish fry, a British restaurant has decided to go the opposite route. In an effort to reduce waste, Kylin Buffet has begun charging customers £20 if they do not finish the food on their plate from the all-you-can-eat Chinese food buffet. One outraged diner filed a complaint when she was charged for "two onion rings, a piece of prawn toast, and a spring roll" that she and her family left on their plates. But, in the restaurant's defense, they totally posted this notice (right) as a warning.

Maybe it's time for a global summit on what the phrase "all-you-can-eat" actually means? Because if you are not actually going to allow customers to eat all they can eat — or if you're going to force them to eat more than they can eat — then the phrase probably needs some reworking.

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[Photo: North News and Pictures]

Kylin Buffet

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