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Watch Chicagoans Buy 1,192 Doughnuts In 2.5 Hours

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Whatever Chicago's Doughnut Vault is putting in its gourmet doughnuts appears to be having bizarre side effects: something's causing people to line up for hours in rainy, 55-degree weather for the chance to buy a pastry from Food & Wine's #1 doughnut shop in the country. Want to know what it is? Maybe track down someone from this surprisingly serene time-lapse video of a Saturday morning doughnut frenzy along Franklin Street.

Umbrella-wielding folks lined up at 8:30 a.m.—an hour before opening—and Doughnut Vault sold out in about 2.5 hours. Digital video enthusiast Mark Pallman made the video.

Video: Doughnut Vault Timelapse

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