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Yes, You Can Buy a Space Shuttle Food Truck For $150K

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Photo: Space Shuttle Cafe

Until we're ready to start building that Domino's colony on the moon, restaurants are going to have to continue opening boring old Earth-based businesses. But it's your lucky day because up for sale on eBay is this Space Shuttle Cafe, "the only road worthy DC3 Airplane licensed for street use in the world that we know of, painted in the theme of NASA's Space Shuttle." Much more exciting than your regular food trucks that aren't built out of airplanes, right?

According to the listing, this plane flew during World War II and was converted to street use in 1976. And the kitchen is totally decked out with things like sinks, propane grills, deep fryers, a deep freezer. It was also once featured on a PBS show, so it is already famous. It's available for a mere $150,000, so get on it would-be food truck owners.

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