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Watch Jimmy Fallon Imitate Shouty Chef Gordon Ramsay

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Last night, Gordon Ramsay appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to talk about his recently opened Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas — "I think if there's one thing this country can do brilliantly are the most amazing steakhouses" — his television shows and, of course, testing the show's ability to censor Ramsay's swears. When Ramsay admits that the chefs cast on Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef are "part talent, part donkeys," they get into the whole shouty chef thing with Fallon imitating Ramsay: "Hey, donkey, don't burn the butter!"

Ramsay also talks about his athletic pursuits — "I eat like a horse so if I don't I'll be the size of Mario Batali" — how food shows all rip each other off and how he's sure his appetizer is going through "the fucking dishwasher" when he goes out to eat. Quote Fallon after Ramsay's first f-bomb: "I just knew you were going to be trouble."

Gordon Ramsay, Part 1:

Gordon Ramsay, Part 2:

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