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Old Folks Charged With Theft Over Unpaid Outback Bill

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A couple of septuagenarians in Denver say the meal they ate at an area Outback Steakhouse was so bad they shouldn't have to pay their $56.21 bill—but the casual dining establishment says otherwise. Diane and William Luebke have been charged with misdemeanor theft after they left without payment, claiming that a manager told them he'd "take care of everything." But via CBS Denver, Diane Luebke had already "taken care of" her meal in the bathroom:

“It was like the waiter that was there, but that wasn’t there,” William said. He says their food requests were ignored and the service was sub-par. After Diane ate her entree she had to excuse herself and go to the restroom.
William Luebke contacted the manager, who says that, in fact, he only offered the couple a discount. The Luebkes will be issued a court summons next week.

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