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Famous Tom Colicchio, Host Of Top Chef Competition, Isn't Into Fame, Cooking Competitions

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Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio, host of Bravo's star-making competition show Top Chef, isn't all that into celebrity cheffage and cooking competitions. The New Potato interviews Colicchio, marveling at the Craft chef's "magnetism in every aspect of the industry" and "iconic media career." Too bad Colicchio doesn't see it that way, saying, "I hate that word celebrity chef." And competition shows? Totally beyond his comprehension:

The whole idea of competition with chefs is foreign and alien to me. I understand the irony of that statement since I judge a competitive cooking show, but prior to doing Top Chef the concept hadn’t really occurred to me.
Despite that, Colicchio goes on to say he's keeping an eye on Austin's Top Chef winner, Paul Qui: "He’s going to have an amazing career."

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