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Stop Impersonating London Food Critic Jay Rayner! (Updated! With Comments From Rayner)

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London-based food critic Jay Rayner of The Guardian says, via Twitter, that someone appears to be impersonating him online and trying to score ... well, it's not clear what. In a series of tweets sent this afternoon, Rayner writes:

"Someone is impersonating me on facebook using an image of me with a blade in front of my face as profile pic ... As far as I can tell from the information I ahve been given they are cliaming to represnet the bbc, getting them to sign release forms ... luring them to locations for a shoot to which no one else has turned up."
Rayner says he's "investigating," and if anyone knows what the heck is going on, please e-mail him.

UPDATE: Jay Rayner took a break from being freaked out about his impersonator to bemoan his grammar, e-mailing us: "Oh god, look at the typos when I'm cross." He says by the time he comes across these things, it's usually over. But: "whoever is responsible now knows I'm on to it and will back off."

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