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Marcus Wareing: Young Chefs 'Haven't Got a Clue'

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Who's bitching about Young Cooks Today now? Why, it's British chef Marcus Wareing, who just opened Aalto in the Hotel La Tour in Birmingham. And boy does he have a lot to say: Wareing tells The Telegraph that not only do young people just out of culinary school "want to be at the top, but don't want to put the work in" they have the nerve to "come into your kitchen judging you rather than us judging them." He goes on:

"I'll do it myself. I'd rather do it myself than have some a***hole stand in my kitchen and think he's better than me or bigger than me...I'm 42 this year. I've 27 years' experience. I don't need to be told by some 19-year-old what I should and shouldn't be doing. And they do. You'd be amazed."

Uhoh. The somewhat outspoken Wareing isn't alone in these opinions, either: just last year, Jamie Oliver spoke out against the current "wet" generation, saying "I'm embarrassed to look at British kids." And lest you think this is a British issue, New York chef David Chang is on the record about being unhappy about the talent pool in the States, also.

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