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Watch SNL's "Almost Pizza" Parody Commercial

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Here's a clip from this past weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live: A parody commercial for Almost Pizza from Pfizer. Riffing on the tagline for Nestlé's frozen pizza line DiGiorno, "It's Not Delivery. It's DiGiorno," it's not exactly pizza, either. This is actually much like DiGiorno's "Wyngz," which the company spells that way "Because they're not wings. They're even better."

Quote from the commercial: "It's very nearly pizza, but not quite. It's Almost Pizza... You can put tofu on a pizza and still legally call it pizza. But don't call this pizza. It's Almost Pizza. Pizza that's practically pizza in every way, except for a few key ones."

Video: SNL's "Almost Pizza" Parody Commercial

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