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Here Is a List of the Most Hipster-Friendly Cities

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Portland's Hopworks Bikebar. Not pictured: All the hipsters.
Portland's Hopworks Bikebar. Not pictured: All the hipsters.
Photo: Roth/EPDX

If you like coffee, craft beer, "sport vintage bowling shoes," and happen to live in Seattle, congratulations, you are probably a hipster. The trendspotters over at Travel + Leisure magazine have a helpful slideshow/listicle out today naming America's best cities for hipsters. In the very scientific method, the magazine and its readers ranked cities based on things like prevalence of thrift shops, live music and "offbeat" people, but also if you're into microbrews? Busted. You're a hipster.

Here's how Travel + Leisure defines hipster: "A smirking attitude toward mainstream institutions means they tend to frequent cool, often idiosyncratic restaurants, shops, and bars—the same kinds of venues that appeal to travelers looking for what they can't find at home." Rounding out the top five: Seattle; Portland, OR; San Francisco; New Orleans; and Portland, ME. To the list:

1. Seattle, WA
2. Portland, OR
3. San Francisco, CA
4. New Orleans, LA
5. Portland, ME
6. Providence, RI
7. Austin, TX
8. San Juan, PR
9. Philadelphia, PA
10. Denver, CO
11. Savannah, GA
12. New York, NY
13. Santa Fe, NM
14. Chicago, IL
15. San Diego, CA
16. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
17. Boston, MA
18. Los Angeles, CA
19. Nashville, TN
20. Kansas City, MO

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